Ambassador of Smart Tunisia joins African ICT Foundation as North Africa’s Regional Director

The African ICT Foundation has announced the appointment of Ms. Lobna Smida as the Regional Director for North Africa. With the appointment, Lobna will assume the role of directing the activities of the Foundation in the region.

Lobna Smida

Lobna, who is currently working as an Administration Advisor at the Presidential Palace of Tunisia, is also expected to guide the overall direction of the region, develop a regional strategic plan every two years, using input from the regional officers and/or committee members.

“In her acceptance speech, Lobna was partly quoted as saying; “I believe in the important role of the ICT’s SDGs in our fertile continent to get the African “Bloom” to start through new, wise and easy digital services to erase digital illiteracy, to yoke up the rural zones with the urban areas.”

She thanked the Foundation for giving her the opportunity, assuring that through her position she will be able to talk about the African ICT Foundation is an inclusive organization that rides on the UN most recent norms of sustainable, inclusive vision in the development of sustainable goals (SDGs) in the realm of Information, Communication and Technology.

“Indeed, my new position in the African ICT Foundation will allow me to shed light on the richness of African countries in the quality of its young engineers, entrepreneurs and the awareness of the African Woman in many scientific fields and societal activities to pinpoint humanitarian values. We will leverage the Foundation to serve the fields of education, women empowerment and to ensure African inclusive societies in every part of the continent,” she assured.

Lobna disclosed that her intention is to get a flow of progress in the African ICT Foundation to make it a milestone in the global ICT institutions and organizations.

Meanwhile, a statement from the African ICT Foundation, which was signed by the Executive Secretary, Mr. Emmanuel Bassey, noted that Lobna whose appointment takes immediate effect is tasked with the overall leadership of the Region and will be joining other members of the Executive Council of the Foundation in its core objective of policy advocacy in Africa’s ICT sector.

While congratulating the new Regional Director for North Africa, Bassey disclosed that her appointment into the Executive Council of the Foundation was in line with the existing template of appointment introduced by the founders of the Foundation in 2009 following nomination by watchers of the ICT/Telecoms industry in Africa.

Lobna Smida is a multiple award winner in Africa’s digital Economy advocacy, Ambassador of “Smart Tunisia” and the International Rehabilitation foundation (RI) Vice President for Arab region among other numerous portfolio. She holds a Master’s degree in English Literature at the University of Literature and Human Rights of Sousse.

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