African ICT Foundation Speaks On Plans To Train 200,000 Nigerians On Digital Skills

The African Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Foundation (AfICTF), an independent not-for-profit, non-governmental and non-partisan ICT empowerment and educational organization, has unveiled plans to train 200,000 Nigerians on Digital Skills across the six Geo-Political Zones through its Digital Connect Africa Project.

Emmanuel Bassey
Executive Secretary

AfICTF has a mission “to formulate, evaluate, and promote ICT and telecoms policies that accelerate innovations and boost productivity to spur growth, create job opportunities, and progress in the African economy”.

This was disclosed by the for the Chairman/ President of the African ICT Foundation, Tony Ojobo at the recent Mobile and Disruptive Technology Forum (#MoDiTECH2019) organised by in Lagos.

Mr. Ojobo who was represented by the Executive Secretary of the African ICT Foundation, Mr. Emmanuel Bassey, said, “Today I see a new Nigeria driven by Talent, Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Excellence, many more can be achieve if we put a little more effort. Innovation excellence in Nigeria is not a rocket science. All we need is the enable environment and will power by the relevant authorities.

“Recently you might have read in the news that the current minister of Communications Dr. Isa Pantami advising the Nigerian Police Force to resist from harassing youth with Laptops.

“The African ICT Foundation is an independent Non- Government Organization -NGO with a vision to formulating, evaluating and promoting ICT and Telecoms policies, aimed primarily at creating job opportunities, accelerating innovation, and boosting productivity, and progress in the African economy.

“In our organisation everyone has the chance to create, Innovate and Succeed. I will be bold to say that through synergy we have attended a meaningful height in our operations.

Current Projects:

Speaking on the current projects they are embarking on, he said, “We have decided to train and empower 200,000 Nigerians on Digital Skills across the 6 Geo political Zones through our Digital Connect Africa Project.

What is in it for the Participating Beneficiaries?

The project will provide all participating beneficiaries with the opportunity at a potential partnership with a global financial services and professional information and communications technology companies around the continent.

Increase visibility for their start-up initiatives by being showcased on our global investment platform.

Cash prize awards and business promotion for (Outstanding candidates) and certificate of participations respectively.

Speaking further, he said that the Digital Connect Africa – DCA initiative is primarily designed to empower Africa’s success by providing government, financial, academic and business solutions supports that will help Africa move from aid-based economies to self-sustaining, knowledge-based economies, creating sustainable skills for Africans everywhere.

“The project is designed to cover the five Regions of Northern, Western, Southern, Central and Eastern Africa with West Africa as a pilot scheme starting with Nigeria and covering the six geo-political Zones respectively.

The project, Digital Connect Africa – DCA seeks the most promising start-ups in Africa with focused on:

– mAgriculture / eAgriculture & Environmental Sustainability

– mHealth, eHealth & Health Information Systems

– eGovernment – Services to Citizens & Business

– Collaborative Open Innovation and ICT-enabled Entrepreneurship (including Social Entrepreneurship)

– Content Technologies: Languages; Digital Preservation

– Cyber Security, Privacy and Trust

– Next Generation Computing: Big Data, Cloud Computing, Future Internet, Internet of Things (IoT),AI

– Technology-enhanced Learning and eSkills

“If you are a new entrant and you are seated here today, this message is for you. To succeed as an innovator and Entrepreneur you need to set a clear goal and target for your operations.

(L-R) Chief Chris Uwaje and Emmanuel Bassey

“In African ICT Foundation We guide our operations by setting precise goal and targets.

“Through our Digital Connect Africa Projects, we have set out to reduce ICT illiteracy in Africa by 50% by the end of 2024 and that would be achieved by the training and empowerment of 100,000 Youths annually across all the 54 African Countries. That is our short term goal.

“The African ICT Foundation (AfICTF) runs through a secretariat based in Nigeria with other offices in Africa with a team of policy analysts and fellows including authors and recognized experts in the fields of telecommunications, public policy advocacy, economics, tax policy, trade, privacy, cyber-security, Agribusiness and life sciences, among many others as board members”, the President concluded.

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