The best part about DigiHub is seeing what African youths do with information and communications technology

About DigiHub

DigiHub is a digital connect initiative whose focus is basically on these set of people who are bereft of ideas on how to achieve their lives ambition and having no knowledge of what to do after their secondary schools. These include graduates from tertiary institutions who have no skills to be either absorbed by any of the many technologically oriented companies or become self-employed.

Turning bus time into learning time

In the last two decades, the rise of ICT has changed the nature of employment in the manufacturing sector, creating a greater demand for workers with computing and technical expertise.

We are therefore challenged to establishing an ICT based social and economic development hub to reduce unemployment, poverty, and crime in Africa.

This will be achieve by taking ICT  to remote villages and the undeserved urban neighbourhood in Africa through training and empowerment of youths, women, and others on effective and innovative programs based on their backgrounds.

Targeted Audience:

Secondary Schools

Under graduates

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