Dr. Ing. Pierre-François KAMANOU

1st Vice President/Regional Director - Francophone

Dr. Ing. François KAMANOU

1st Vice President/Regional Director – Francophone


Dr. Ing. Pierre-François KAMANOU is a Franco-Cameroonian holding a graduate Engineer of SUPELEC Paris and a Doctor-Engineer from SUPTELECOM Paris.

Since 1990, he pioneered the development of GSM networks in France and in Africa for 8 years while working at Alcatel, France Telecom, MSI France and MSI Cellular Investment UK. In 1999, he became the first CEO of Telecel, the 3rd GSM operator in Gabon.

In 2002, PFK founded GTS Africa with the primary objective to become the first pan-African Mobile VAS Access Provider through local licensed companies specialized on the provision of Shortcodes & Longcodes across all the local mobile operators over Voice, SMS & USSD channels to Businesses. Then, he created GTS-Infotel in Cameroon and Nigeria which operate for more than 13 years in the provision of premium SMS Shortcodes and BulkSMS services, acting as licensed VAS/Content Providers.

Faced with multiple challenges as a VAS/Shortcode Provider and thanks to his vast experience in mobile VAS development, PFK has designed & developed the new Mobinawa network, the first local mobile OTT-VAS network in Africa, which aims to support the mobile digital transformation of Enterprises of any sizes.

Also, after lot of efforts and perseverance, his two companies in Cameroon and Nigeria have obtained a specific type of MVAS Interconnection service license, enabling each of them to become the first local mobile OTT-VAS Operator, specialized in the provision of dedicated mobile virtual long numbers to Enterprise ICT platforms accessible to mobile consumers via Mobinawa App’s digital channels (VoIP, SMS2.0, mWebApp) and via GSM channels (Voice, SMS, USSD).

Acting as an ITU Expert, PFK has performed GSM radio engineering consultancy services in many African countries including Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Togo, Morocco, Burundi, Congo Brazza and DRC.

During the last 15 years, PFK have heavily contributed and militated for the setting up of favourable environment for development of Enterprise Mobile VAS market in Cameroon and Nigeria, mainly by publishing position papers, interviews and by participating in Conferences & Industry Working Groups. In result, the Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ATCON) granted to PFK in October 2015 the Pioneer Award for his humongous contribution in the development of Telecoms VAS market in Nigeria. Then in July 2018, PFK was profiled among the 100 leading Telecom & ICT personalities in Nigeria, a book published by ATCOM.

In May 2017, he became President of the newly established association called REPTIC.CM, the Network of Professionals in the Telecommunications, ICT and Digital sectors in Cameroon.