Individual Membership Registration and Benefits

Demonstrate your commitment to the industry and your profession when you become a member of the Global African ICT Foundation.

*#360 (Nigeria Naira) to 1 US Dollar  as exchange rate*

135 USD per annum

260 USD for 2-years

Get the tools to build your career

Get discounted registration to industry and technology-specific conferences, seminars, and exhibitions.

Enjoy reduced pricing on state-of-the-art Industry Certification training courses offered by AfICTF Digihub.

Access any of AfICTF more than 2000 Industry-related books and reports on the technological innovations around the world.

Gain recognition when you take home a coveted AfICTF International Award that acknowledges leaders who have advanced through their dedication to the industry.

Volunteer for leadership opportunities within sections, technical committees, or administrative committees to develop your leadership skills and receive recognition among your peers.

Show your dedication to the industry and set yourself apart in your field by simply being a member of the global African ICT Foundation.

The AfICTF has partnered with several companies to offer unique benefits to members at discounted rates. These additional benefits are extended exclusively to all AfICTF Individual and corporate members.

Payment Methods:

You can Pay to our Bank as stated below or Pay using Credit/Debit Credit

Pay or make a transfer to the following account details:

Account Name: African ICT Foundation

Account Number: 0019432266

Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank

Make your payment here with Credit or Debit Card.

* are compulsory