Together we create opportunity for everyone in Africa

We’re building on the goals we shared with our stakeholders in our first day draft: being a safety net and only hope for the future aspiration in education, technology and economic development of the African nationhood.

to develop services that improve African lives in and around Africa is our major commitment.

Equipping youths with skills they'll need for the future

Together we create Opportunity to learn

We know that technological advancement achieved by any nation has been found to be a function of a well-developed human capital on information and communication technology. Our Community Digital Connect programme –benefits more than 50 thousand people in Nigeria, while our DigiHub and empowerment efforts aim to close the technology equity gap through sustainable skills and innovations, tools, training that help students and educators alike thrive.

Promise kept: Creating new pathways to jobs in IT Support

Together we create Opportunity to succeed

We know that the fundamental cause of the backwardness Africa is facing is their low knowledge of information technology development. In addition to offering services like Community digital Connect, School digital connect, Digital women extravaganza, which helps millions of remote villages and the undeserved urban neighbourhood in Africa get discovered and kitted with sustainable skills, we’re working to ensure more Africans have the skills they need to succeed in a digital world.

Creating new Opportunities for the Growth and development of the African Economy

Together we create Opportunity to be heard

We know that Information and communication technology is very dynamic. It changes in response to advances in science and as a result of changes in society. From services like “DigiHub” which amplifies total inclusiveness and enables more Africans to engage in the world around them, to our support of advocating policy pragmatism, we’re committed to building a more inclusive society.

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