AfICTF Global Fund

Goals and Targets:

The African ICT Foundation global fund partners includes representatives of the public and private sectors of the economy drawn from business, academia, and the not-for-profit organisations etc.

Together, these partners help steer our priorities and help us discover the missing links of ICT growth and development in Africa.

The more diverse voices we have, the more effective we’ll be when it comes to influencing policies and promoting best practices. Your partnership is critical to accomplishing these goals as listed below.


1.To work with stakeholders to ensure reduction of ICT literacy within the African continent by 50% in the next five years (2024).


2. To reduce graduate and youth unemployment in Africa through ICT training and capacity-building initiatives targeting the development of 100,000 people per annum within the continent.


3.  Promotion of ICT development and innovations in Africa through the establishment of ICT innovation hubs in many cities in all the countries within the continent. Click Here to Donate Now