Career Courses

Artificial Intelligence

  • Learn How to Build an AI

    This course is designed to impart you the concepts of AI from the very beginning. The noble thing is that no prior experience is needed for this program so it can be taken by anyone irrespective of their background. Start by learning to code self-improving AI for a range of purposes by using downloadable code templates available in the material. Learn the methods to build effective solutions and understand the ‘why’ of every step along with the ‘how’. Upon the end of the certification, you will be able to optimize your AI solution to reach its full potential.

  • – As this is a beginner level course, therefore this course is perfect for learners with little or no basic programming experience.

    – Concepts covered include deep convolutional Q-Learning, the theory behind Artificial Intelligence and more.

    – Build a virtual self-driving car and to optimize it.

    – Continuous support from the instructors and doubt clarification.


Broadband Courses Outline

  • Business Innovation & Growth (BIG) 
  • Customer Focus in Telecoms 
  • Effective Business Implementation (EBI)
  • Effective Telecoms Strategies (ETS)
  • Advanced Negotiating and Closing Techniques for Technology Solutions 
  • Advanced Selling Techniques for Complex Digital & Enterprise Solutions 
  • Applied Selling Techniques for the Telecoms Professional 
  •  Certified Telecoms Sales Professional (Boot Camp)
  • Retail Selling Techniques for the Telecoms Industry 
  • Customer – Centric Pricing Strategies for Telcos 
  • Customer Experience Management in Telecoms 
  • Customer Value Management in Telecoms 
  • Developing the Digital Services Opportunity 
  • Foundation in Marketing for Telecoms Professionals
  • Marketing Digital Services 
  • Marketing Strategies in Telecoms 
  • Meeting Branding and Customer Engagement Challenges in Telecoms 
  • Telecoms Market Analysis & Evaluation