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Who we are

African ICT Foundation was established in 2009 to drive policies that use information and communications technology to improve the growth and development of the African economy.

It is an independent not-for-profit making organization whose mission is to formulate, evaluate, and promote ICT and telecoms policies that accelerate innovations and boost productivity to spur growth, create job opportunities, and progress in Africa.

Our focus

Our inexhaustible focus is at the intersection of technological innovations such as telecommunications, information technology and data, life sciences, trade and globalization, agricultural Biotechnology and clean energy. It is poised towards providing high-quality information analysis, policy pragmatism, and recommendations you can trust.

 We shall consciously be making efforts towards holistic involvement in the following activities:

Engage youths in research and educational activities that involves setting the policy agenda on technological innovations, information and communication technology, trade & globalization and clean energy.

Getting private sector support on critical industry issues that affect the growth of  Africas’ economy

Working with policymakers to develop and promote policies and ideas, capitalising on the tremendous economic and social benefits ICT provides for Africans.

Our mission

To professionally invest in the African untapped but sustainable skills and potentials as the key and only hope for the future aspiration in education, technology and economic development of the African nationhood.

Tony Ojobo


“I received the letter appointing me the President of African ICT Foundation with a great deal of excitement and joy. It is with a sense of humility that I accept this appointment, knowing that there abound an array of more knowledgeable and experienced professionals in this field. I feel humbled that I have been considered worthy of this responsibility.

A portfolio such as this no doubt comes with a great deal of responsibility. In the age when ICTs are major indices of economic developments, the continent cannot afford to be sleeping. It’s high time we woke up to the reality facing us at this time. The advancement of the continent vis a vis the economic development lies with the ICT capabilities of her people. With the level of disruptive innovations facing businesses today, there is a need to assist businesses and governments with policies that can deliver the desired economic emancipation of Africa.

With the support of members of the Board, we shall do our level best to add our voice to issues pertaining to ICT development in Africa. With God on our side, we hope to make a difference.
Once more I thank the Board and all Stakeholders for this honor.

Tony Ojobo”

Our Commitment

We know that together we can make information and communication technology more affordable and reachable for Africans, and We are committed to the development of sustainable skills and opportunities for every Africans everywhere. 

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Members around the world

  • Chidiebere NwankwoChidiebere NwankwoEditor, eBusinessLife Communication, Nigeria

    Knowing that the global arena is fast changing in areas or reportage and tools for reportage, it is most expedient to consistently upgrade knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of media reportage and management.
    Technology, as a tool for effective reportage, is something I would like to update consistently in order to go with global trends .
    This foundation should be a solid leverage for career journalist who will want further exposure and mastery of the profession.

  • Armstrong ChiboguwArmstrong ChiboguwComputer Engineer, Soundsystem Global Ventures, Nigeria

    I wish to join African ICT Foundation so as to contribute to the development of ICT in Africa to the best of my ability within the industry. Warm regards

  • Martin EkpekeMartin EkpekeMedia Practitioner, ITPulse, Nigeria

    Need to take the business to a wider readership

  • Nahimah Ajikanle-NurudeenNahimah Ajikanle-NurudeenJournalist/Researcher, API News, Nigeria

    In 21st century, networking through global connection and sharing of ideas is considered critical to self development and career growth. It is on this note that I seek to be a member of the African ICT Foundation to bring my wealth of experience to the table as a journalist with over a decade of experience covering ICT in Nigeria and as a researcher with quest for knowledge up skill. I believe being a member of a foremost body such as African ICT Foundation, will give me an opportunity to not just connect but, also bring my contributions to the platform towards building an ICT driven dream continent that we can all be proud of as Africans.

  • Ambassador Richard KaboneroAmbassador Richard KaboneroUganda’s High Commissioner to Tanzania

    Interested in new technology and formulating relevant policies that support the sector

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Guest Speaker,Tony Ojobo

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