We provide the needed strategies and Information that keep  Africans with technology and innovation.

About us

African ICT Foundation is an independent not-for-profit, non-governmental and non-partisan ICT empowerment and educational organization whose mission is to formulate, evaluate, and promote ICT and telecoms policies that accelerate innovations and boost productivity to spur growth, create job opportunities, and progress in the African economy. 

Our focus is at the intersection of technological innovations such as telecommunications, information technology and data, life sciences, trade and globalization, agricultural Biotechnology and clean energy. It is poised towards providing high-quality information analysis, policy pragmatism, and recommendations you can trust.

The Foundation serves a pivotal role in re-positioning and promoting African evolving innovations in policies, techniques, economic, and social matters. 

African ICT Foundation was established in 2009 to drive policies that use information and communications technology to improve the growth and development of the African economy. In addition to strategic direction, inspiration, and oversight to advance the Foundation’s mission offered by a team of well-experienced professionals, African ICT Foundation is working with members in Africa and the world, to promote a continuous evolution in innovations and technological appreciation for everyone in Africa.


To professionally invest in the African untapped but sustainable skills and potentials as the key and  only hope for the future aspiration in Education, Technology and Economic development of the African nationhood.


To be a Safety net and future aspiration for development in Africa measured by the impact and Sustainability of our projects

To help achieve our mission, the African ICT Foundation:

Our objectives

  • adheres to high standard of research, empowerment and integrity with an internal code of ethics grounded in analytical rigor, policy pragmatism, and independence from external direction or bias.
  • promote skills  sustainable for  the development of African nationhood
  • reduce the level of illiteracy and poverty in the society
  • engage youths on IT exchange programmes of poverty alleviation and economic right
  • participate in community development

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