About Us

The African ICT Foundation is an independent non-profit, non-partisan research, educational, and Consultancy  organization with a vision to formulating, evaluating, and promoting ICT and Telecoms policies, aimed primarily at creating job opportunities, accelerating innovation, and boosting productivity, and progress in the African economy.

Established in 2009 to discover new opportunities and growth that will accelerate progress and development in Africa through Information and Communications Technology, the African ICT Foundation is an effective advocate for African technology development, Knowledge Transfer, and innovations.

Measured by the impacts of its sustainable projects with an inexhaustible focus at the intersection of technological innovations such as telecommunications, information technology and data, life sciences, trade and globalization, agricultural Biotechnology, and clean energy, the Foundation helps form responsible citizens with a worldwide vision.


The African ICT Foundation is an African-centric organization governed by a diverse Board of Trustees of African Origins dedicated to ensuring that the Foundation actualized its mandate of affordable and reachable ICT and broadband internet for Africans everywhere.

Poised towards providing high-quality information analysis, research, policy pragmatism, and recommendations you can trust, the African ICT Foundation runs through a secretariat based in Nigeria with other offices in Africa with a team of policy analysts, researchers, and fellows including authors and recognized experts in the fields of telecommunications, public policy advocacy, economics, tax policy, trade, privacy, cyber-security, entertainment, and life sciences, among many others as board members and have consistently made efforts on the public sector skills development and empowerment among youths, women, and others both in the remote areas and underserved urban neighborhood in Africa through our Learning Management System (LMS) as well as our Digihub.

Our Core Work

We formulate ,evaluate and promotes ICT and telecommunication policies aimed primarily at creating jobs opportunities ,accelerating innovations and boosting productivity and progress in the African economy.

How  do we achieve our core works?

Through memberships, partnerships, and coalitions :We believe in the power of team work, so we work with organizations of all shapes and sizes to address the wide range of social, economic, and policy issues. Our members and partners include; international bodies and associations, local and International non-governmental organizations, Industry working groups, technical experts and engineers, universities and academic institutions, local and global businesses as well as professionals.

Advocacy and Campaigns : Our work is evidence driven, hence our interaction with communities ,organizations and policy makers  are rooted in robust research, often our own.

Innovation and Knowledge Transfer :We are conscious of the fact that what works in one African country, urban neighborhood or rural community may not necessarily work in another, so our solutions reflects the various local and wards realities.

Our Objectives

a)Create a strong platform and network to promote social networking, career advancement opportunities, and entrepreneurial development in ICT and related businesses within the African continent.

b)To engage in advocacy and promote policies and programmes that would facilitate ICT development and innovations in Africa.

c)To develop and execute programmes that would promote ICT awareness, access, adoption, and application among the citizens and the business community within the African continent.

d)To enhance digital literacy within the African continent through the promotion of the use of ICT in teaching and learning.

e)To develop and execute ICT programmes, training and capacity building aimed at poverty eradication and job creation for the teeming population of African youths who are largely unemployed.

f)Undertake activities, including consultancy services, policy research & development, advocacy, training, etc. that would cultivate the requisite environment for wider, sustainable collaboration and networking within the African Continent

g)To collaborate with relevant ICT regulators, operators and service providers, amongst others, to drive and promote learning opportunities through relevant training courses and certifications in the sector.

h)Partner with public and the private sector organisations, including academic and professional ICT institutions to build capacity in ICT for teaching & learning, research & community services.

i)Facilitate and promote policy, ICT conferences and workshops in conjunction with private and public organisations to create learning opportunities and exchange of ideas.

j)To facilitate adoption of new technologies within the African continent.
To develop and execute ICT programmes, training and capacity building for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Africa, in order to promote e-business and other technological adoptions by SMEs in the continent, thereby making them tap into the global digital economy.

k)To collaborate with the African Union and other regional bodies, public and private organizations and individuals to facilitate the utilization of ICT to promote the economic, social and environmental well-being of Africans, in line with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

l)Develop and share thoughts and knowledge through appropriate publication of the foundation’s research outcomes and policy recommendations


The African ICT Foundation is an African-centric organization governed by a diverse Board of Trustees of African Origins dedicated to ensuring that the Foundation actualized its mandate of affordable and reachable ICT and broadband internet for Africans everywhere.

Our Vision

To create an affordable, reachable ICT and Internet for Africans everywhere.


a)To work with stakeholders to ensure reduction of ICT illiteracy within the African continent by 50% in the next five years (2024).

b) To reduce graduate and youth unemployment in Africa through ICT training and capacity-building initiatives targeting the development of 100,000 people per annum within the continent.

c) Promotion of ICT development and innovations in Africa through the establishment of ICT innovation hubs in many cities in all the countries within the continent.

d) To equip annually some schools within the continent with ICT infrastructure such as computers, internet facilities, e-library, teaching and learning aids.

e) To organize at least one major conference or summit annually, to bring together major stakeholders from around Africa to discuss issues relating to technologies and programmes of the foundation.

f) To organize at least one seminar/workshop and/or training programme each year for SMEs on the effective adoption of new technologies in each African member country.

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