Event Overview

Sometime in March 17th , 2014, a magnitude 4.4 earthquake shook southern California .  Shockingly the first story about the quake on the LA Times website; a brief, factual account of the incident was posted within minutes and was entirely written by an algorithm.

From that time, “robot reporters” have produced stories in foremost news outlets on diverse topics ranging from inconsequential issues to corporate earnings announcements. Some have even speculated that future media will consist largely of content produced by artificial intelligence (AI).

The African ICT Foundation, an independent nonprofit research, educational and consultancy organization in a joint effort with global experts on Artificial Intelligence and Media will be examining the effect of AI on the modern days Journalism on the following topics:

  • The Effect of AI and the modern journalism: Too bad, Too good, Just Cool

  • A critical comparison of Journalism in the fifties and modern days’ journalism

  • The ethical and legal issues of artificial intelligence on modern Journalis

  • Issues and Initiative on AI and the Media

Meet Our Speakers



Jaanika Umalas : Co-Founder Umbrella Tree Colab, Estonia

Jaanika is the Co-founder of UmbrellaTree CoLab. She is an experienced marketing and business consulting expert who has worked in the field of emerging technologies (AI, blockchain) with clients and colleagues from Europe, Nigeria, South-Africa, Brazil, Mexico, and India. She enjoys discovering new technological advancements and finding ways to implement them in Africa while appreciating the rich cultural diversity this continent is offering. She has a bachelor’s degree in social sciences in Politics and Governance and currently she’s acquiring a master’s degree in European Studies. Her aim is to empower women through emerging technologies which in return will cause the betterment of humanity.

Jaanika will be speaking on Issues and Initiative regarding AI and the Media .



Soni Daniel : Northern Region Editor, Vanguard Newspaper, Nigeria

Soni Daniel, Northern Region Editor of Vanguard newspaper, one of Nigeria’s most influential national dailies, is a versatile Nigerian journalist with varied experience in broadcasting, print and online journalism.  He has a Master’s degree in International Journalism from City University London where he graduated with Distinction in 2008 and another Master’s degree in Mass Communication from the University of Uyo, Nigeria where he also bagged his first degree in Communications Arts with 2:1 in 1995. Mr. Daniel, who started his journalism journey with the Akwa Ibom Broadcasting Corporation, has worked for Punch Newspaper Limited as Correspondent in Akwa Ibom and Rivers states for Seven years and ended up as Deputy Online Editor. He has also worked for Associated Press, the leading American wire service, Daily Independent and Leadership newspapers before joining Vanguard Media Limited as Northern Region Editor in 2012.

Soni Daniel will be making a critical comparison of Journalism in the fifties and modern days’ journalism


Inye Kemabonta: Policy and Regulatory Director, African ICT Foundation

Kemabonta is an Information Technology Attorney, Consultant, Public Speaker and Trainer. Over the last two decades he worked in both the Legislative and Executive Arms of government during which he chaired and served on several developmental initiatives in the Nigeria ICT industry including the Federal Government program on ICT innovation and entrepreneurship in 2012.

Consultant to the World Bank on Nigerian Digital Economy; Consultant to NITDA (National IT Development Agency) on Information Technology Governance, Information Systems Asset Management and Quality Assurance, Consultant to several ICT companies on Nigerian Content issues. The African ICT Foundation’s Regulatory and Policy Director.  He is also an African Union Commission expert trainer and Regional Representative for Policy and Regulatory Initiative for Digital Africa (PRIDA).

He helped to develop several policies and regulations, among which is the Local Content Initiative in ICT, which have shaped the Nigerian ICT industry.

Apart from ICT, Law and Behavioral Sciences, his professional and academic background includes Communication, Industrial Relations and Human Capital Development. He conducts trainings in Transformational and Sustainable Policy, Development and implementation Leadership, ICT Regulation, Business and Developmental Communication, Negotiation Skills and Knowledge Management.

He will speaking on the  Effect of AI and the modern journalism: Too bad, Too good, Just Cool.



Mohammed Farahat : Focal Point for Egypt, African ICT Foundation

Mohamed Farahat is an Egyptian based legal practitioner, trainer, and political researcher.

Farahat works with HUMENA for human rights and civic engagement as a legal analyst, as a Legal Consultant with International Organization for Migration (IOM-Egypt), Legal Expert with Center for Migration and Refugees Studies (CMRS_-American University in Cairo (AUC) and Research fellow with International ICT Policy for East and Southern Africa (CIPESA).

Mr. Farahat is a member of the steering committee of Internet Rights and Principles Coalition (IRPC) and selected as a Management Advisory Group (MAG) member at North Africa Internet Governance (NAIGF).

Before joining EFRR, he worked for Africa and Middle East Refugee Assistance (AMERA-Egypt) as access to Justice team leader, he worked for International Commission for Jurists (ICJ) as a legal researcher.

He holds a degree in Law from Cairo University, a post-graduate diploma in Human Rights and civil society, a postgraduate diploma in International Negotiation, a postgraduate diploma in

African Studies, and a postgraduate diploma in International law.

Currently, Mr. Farahat is a Master’s degree researcher in the Faculty of High African Studies-Cairo University.

Farahat  will be speaking on the  ethical and legal issues of artificial intelligence on modern Journalism


Rachael Orumor: Founder ,FemCoders Robotics

Tech entrepreneur, founder and ​ CEO of Sens Orbit Nigeria and ​Soft Digital Rep. Benin. She is an International Software Development Engineer with reputable records of global Technical and professional experiences. She works as a consultant in the field of software engineering and robotics. She is also an associate lecturer of two (2) prestigious ICT Universities in Republic of Benin.

She works with many software firms in Africa in order to help them adopt best practices in software industry.

2nd Vice-President of the African ICT Foundation, She is a member of Women in Tech Africa, Ambassador at Women Techmakers, Rep. Benin and other Communities that encourage inclusion of women in Technology. She is a trainer on major Google technologies that embed Artificial Intelligence like Dialogflow, Google Assistant and Android.

She is the ambassador of women enterprenership day, Republic of Benin chapter. She is also consultant at International Francophone Organisation (OIF) Paris for Tech Innovation programs across Africa and North America.

Racheal will be presenting a Keynote address as industry expert.

Maha Jouini : Artificial Intelligence Executive Director, African ICT Foundation

MAHA JOUINI is a Pan-African tech and communications expert. Currently serving as a Communication consultant at the African Union Youth Envoy (Writing AUYE speeches in Arabic and French, raising awareness about Sub-Saharan youth rights in Tunisia, advocating against racism, contributing to AUYE action plan, Enhancing the communication strategy, Presenting and explaining the mission of AUC among North African).

Former Communication Officer and Researcher at Ahmed Tlili Foundation for Democratic Culture, Tunisia. Jouni holds a Master’s degree in computer science and technology from Tianjin University, China, focused on artificial intelligence and photography. Bachelor in French Language and civilization from Tunis High Institute of Human Sciences among others.

Named as the “personality of the year” in 2018 for a role in leading an online advocacy campaign in North Africa and contributing widely in branding African and serving the African Union commission’s mission by the Maghreb Voices platform

Jouini is the Moderator .


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