Maha Jouini joins AfICTF as Executive Director AI

Maha Jouini

Maha Jouini, a Pan-African tech and communications expert from Tunisia, has emerged the Executive Director, Artificial Intelligence at African ICT Foundation (AfictF).

She is currently serving as a Communication consultant at the African Union Youth Envoy (Writing AUYE speeches in Arabic and French, raising awareness about Sub-Saharan youth rights in Tunisia, advocating against racism, contributing to AUYE action plan, Enhancing the communication strategy, Presenting and explaining the mission of AUC among North African).

Former Commun​​ications Officer and Researcher at Ahmed Tlili Foundation for Democratic Culture, Tunisia.

Jouni holds a Master’s degree in computer science and technology from Tianjin University, China, focused on artificial intelligence and photography.

Bachelor in French Language and civilization from Tunis High Institute of Human Sciences among others.

Named as the “personality of the year” in 2018 for a role in leading an online advocacy campaign in North Africa and contributing widely in branding African and serving the African Union commission’s mission by the Maghreb Voices platform.

Maha Jouini is the African ICT Foundation’s Executive Director for Artificial Intelligence.

January 3, 2021

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